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News Archives - Asia | 2015
  • Furman University hosts Chinese Environmental Film Festival and Workshop

    From February 26th to 28th, 2015, Furman University hosted a Chinese Environmental Film Festival, bringing together filmmakers and scholars to examine the many facets of environmental challenges and environmental activism in modern China. The festival featured eight films that focus on a range of issues, including food supply, waste management, chemical pollution, political corruption, the impact of tourism, and the regional variations in environmental activism. The festival concluded with an interdisciplinary workshop exploring how environmental topics are portrayed on film. Furman University received an exploratory grant in 2014 from the LIASE (Luce Initiative on Asian Studies and the Environment) program, to encourage innovative approaches to Asian studies teaching and research through the lens of the environment and sustainable development. A complete description of the films and workshop is available here.

    News Archives - Asia | 2014

  • China Dialogue Trust releases new report on “China Overseas: Looking Beyond the Headlines”

    China Dialogue Trust has released a new special report on China’s overseas investments and China’s impact on the environment in Africa, South America and Central Asia. The report consists of 17 shorter updates, on topics that range from the efforts of Chinese firms to improve their reputations overseas, to the environmental effects of China’s investments and purchases on Latin America, to opportunities for progress and communication within China itself. The fully bilingual report is available here. chinadialogue’s mission is to foster intelligent international conversation about environmental challenges by releasing high-quality, bilingual information and reports, with the ultimate goal of building common understanding and enabling concerted solutions. The organization received a three-year grant from the Luce Foundation in 2012 for “research and reporting on China’s global environmental impact.”

  • 75th Anniversary Grant to Arizona State University Foundation will support American Studies classes in China

    For more information, please see the 75th Anniversary Initiative.

  • New York Times highlights “Lost Kingdoms” exhibit at the Met

    Pulitzer-prize winning art critic Holland Cotter has highlighted the exhibit, “Lost Kingdoms: Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture of Early Southeast Asia, 5th to 8th Century,” on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art through July 27th. The exhibit features over 150 sculptures from Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar, many of them national treasures that have never before traveled outside their source countries. The exhibit explores differing regional interpretations of Hindu and Buddhist practices, as well as the religious syncretism that incorporated ancient and local traditions into newer Hindu and Buddhist art. Cotter calls the works both “important and breathtakingly beautiful,” and the exhibit, “as rich as a massed chorale and as haunting as a single-voice chant.” “Lost Kingdoms” received support from the Luce Foundation through a grant made to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2013.

  • Hobart and William Smith Colleges introduce new digital resources for Asian Environmental Studies

    Hobart and William Smith’s Asian Environmental Studies program has introduced a website that offers statistics, data, and aggregated resources for research into Asian Environmental Studies. The site also features visualization and mapping tools, examples of student work, and a discussion forum for scholars working in these fields.

  • The New York Times features video journalism stories from Myanmar

    The New York Times has published video journalism stories from Myanmar produced by The Center for Digital TV and the World, a project of the Tides Center, and UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. A team of professionals led by veteran journalist Todd Carrel and documentary maker Christoper Beaver helped train the young journalists as part of an overseas practicum designed to encourage coverage of Asia. Berkeley graduate student Catherine Traywick’s “Poetry After Politics” explores how an art form that was previously used for oblique political protest is transforming itself in the new era of loosened censorship and more direct political speech. “Buddhists in Pink,” by Chelsi Moy, another Berkeley graduate student, provides insight into the Buddhist nunneries of Myanmar that serve as spiritual retreats and social safety nets for orphans, elderly women, and victims of abuse. The Center for Digital TV and the World also worked with two professionals, New York Times video journalist Matthew Orr, and Emmy Award-winning freelance journalist Pierre Kattar.

    The Tides Center received a three-year grant for the Center for Digital TV and the World from the Luce Foundation in 2010, in addition to funding from other sources.

  • News Archives - Asia | 2013

  • Chinese scholars attend NYC workshop on American art

    From July 31 to August 11, fifteen scholars of Western art history from leading Chinese universities and art academies attended an intensive workshop in New York City focused on Modernism in American art. The workshop, co-sponsored with the Terra Foundation for American Art and hosted by the Asian Cultural Council, enabled Chinese art historians whose work centers on Western art to experience the subjects of their research firsthand, visiting New York City museums and deepening their knowledge through guest lectures. This workshop represented the most recent in a series of Luce Foundation initiatives over more than a decade to support dialogue between Chinese and American art scholars.

  • News Archives - Asia | 2012

  • ASIANetwork Honors Luce Foundation at its 20th Anniversary Celebration

  • At its 20th Anniversary Celebration, the ASIANetwork consortium of colleges honored the Luce Foundation with a certificate of appreciation for the Foundation’s “support of ASIANetwork educational programs fostering understanding between people in Asia and the United States.” Since 1993, the Luce Foundation has funded the development of Asian studies initiatives through ASIANetwork, including postdoctoral teaching fellowships, curriculum development on Asian art, and, most recently, a project on Asia and the environment.

    News Archives - Asia | 2007

  • Luce Fund for Asian Studies Capstone Conference

  • From October 12 to 14, 2007, the Foundation organized a Capstone Conference for the Luce Fund for Asian Studies (LFAS) in partnership with the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS). Twenty-seven LFAS professors joined program staff from the Foundation and ACLS in Princeton, New Jersey, for a series of plenary and breakout sessions on topics including the role of area studies in liberal education, the relationship between teaching and research in career planning, and student expectations. The gathering presented an opportunity for a new generation of Asian studies scholars to share resources and approaches to teaching about Asia in the context of the liberal arts. The Conference also aided the Foundation in assessing the impact of the four-year LFAS initiative and in future planning. A published volume of essays resulting from the conversations, intended as a resource for scholars and administrators, is being planned. Further information about the Conference is available on the ACLS website ( under the Programs & Initiatives tab.

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